Plugin Suites

Families of plugins by the same authors

Muse FX

A collection of essential effects. Contains a Chorus, Compressor, De-esser, Delay, Master, Noise Gate, Pitch Fix, Reverb, Rotary, and two EQ effects.

MuseFX is a free and expanding collection of high quality plugins for Audacity, MuseScore 4 and any VST3 compatible host. MuseFX brings the tools you need to elevate your mix to a higher level.

Download Muse hub
MuseFX can be downloaded from the "Effects" tab in the Muse Hub

Available for all platforms


A set of simple VST effects, most known for the GSnap (auto-tune) effect.

Download page

Available for Windows and macOS


A collection of 37 effects in categories like Analysis, Saturation & distortion, Dynamics, Equalization, Mastering, Mixing, Pitch and others.

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Powerful plugins for any type of audio mixing: eq, dynamics, reverb, and more.

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"Demo" mode is fully functional except for preset saving. You can use Audacity's preset system instead.

What is Included:

  • Barricade 4 : Limiter

  • BitJuggler : Sampler / Processor

  • Compressor 4 : Dynamics processor

  • Dual VCF : non-linear filters

  • Enhancer : preset filter eq

  • Equalizer 4: Digital remasterd Anolog dynamic eq

  • Flowtones : synthesizer

  • GonioMeter : Stereo Image Analyzer

  • MBC : Multiband Compression and saturation

  • Morphit : Headphones correction and personalization

  • ReelBus 4 : Magnetic tape recording, echo and flanger simulator

  • Reverb 4 : Lush reverberation and shimmer

  • Sibalance 4 : Spectral de-esser and harshness remover

  • Spectogram : Insightful time and frequency visualization

  • VoicePitcher 4 : Vocal doubling, pitch shifting and freezing effect

Kilohearts Essentials

Kilohearts Essentials is free collection of 30+ plugins.

Download page (requires registration)

Available for Windows only


A selection of some effects found in Reaper.

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Intel OpenVINO

Music separation, remix and generation, noise suppression, and transscription

Available for macOS

MacOS already ships with a range of Audio Unit effects which you can try out

Available for Linux

swh Plugins

A set of LADSPA effects. They can be found in most Linux repositories.

Calf Studio Gear

An LV2 plugin suite featuring a wide array of plugins for audio mixing and mastering. As of version 0.90.0 there are 47 plugins in the suite.

Note: The virtual instruments included are not supported in Audacity.

The Calf plugins can be found in the repositories of most Linux distributions, additionally, compilation instructions can be found here:

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