AI plugins

Intel OpenVINO

A set of AI-enabled effects, generators, and analyzers. These AI features run 100% locally on your PC 💻 -- no internet connection necessary! OpenVINO™ is used to run AI models on supported accelerators found on the user's system such as CPU, GPU, and NPU.
  • Music Separation🎵 -- Separate a mono or stereo track into individual stems -- Drums, Bass, Vocals, & Other Instruments.
  • Music Style Remix💿 -- Uses Stable Diffusion to alter a mono or stereo track using a text prompt.
  • Noise Suppression🧹 -- Removes background noise from an audio sample.
  • Music Generation🎶 -- Uses Stable Diffusion to generate snippets of music from a text prompt.
  • Whisper Transcription🎤 -- Uses whisper.cpp to generate a label track containing the transcription or translation for a given selection of spoken audio or vocals.

NVIDIA Broadcast

A virtual device that sits between your microphone and Audacity and other programs which allows you to use an AI denoiser.
Caution: NVIDIA Broadcast only works on Windows machines with a NVIDIA RTX GPU.
Further, it only works on spoken word content; musical content is treated as noise and filtered out.
Copyright © 2022 NVIDIA Corporation
Requires NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX or higher
Technically, NVIDIA Broadcast isn't a plugin but a virtual device. You will find it in Audacity's audio settings as an input. It does not show up in the Plugin Manager.