EQ XML to TXT converter

Convert older EQ presets to use in current Audacity

Download and installation

First, download the plugin below:

Then install the plugin in Audacity via Tools -> Nyquist Plugin Installer and restart Audacity. Detailed steps are available at https://support.audacityteam.org/basics/customizing-audacity/installing-plugins#installing-nyquist-plugins

Using the converter

Once installed, the converter appears in Tools -> EQ XML to TXT Converter.

To use it,

  1. Select the target EQ effect. Curves to be imported can be either for Filter Curve EQ effect or Graphic EQ effect but not both.

  2. Select your source XML file.

  3. (optional) select what should happen if the file exists already

  4. Click OK.

The TXT file now is in the same location as the source XML file.

You now can import the TXT file via Filter Curve EQ or Graphic EQ -> Presets and settings -> Import...

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